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  • Students and Instructors are required to wear a mask.

  • Face to Face classes are limited to 6 students enrolled per session.

  • To protect our consumers and staff our vehicle goes through a series of cleaning and sanitation to ensure everyone is protected.

  • Students and instructors' temperatures are checked before entering and exiting our driver’s vehicle.

  • All parents must sign a waiver for face to face instruction with us behind the wheel instructors to begin the students 14 hour behind the wheel hours.

  • Students have 90 days after enrolling in course to complete the driver’s education program before losing credit and instructed to re-enroll.

  • Students must register for drive time online.

  • Only one (1) student is allowed in car at time.


If you are sick and have scheduled a drive-time/in-class session please reschedule or cancel. If you are having symptoms of COVID-19 contact your doctor immediately. 

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and care for the safety of all of our students and staff. Please review our REFLEX COVID-19 Policy to stay up to date of the procedures we are taking to insure everyone's safety. 

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