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Our mission is to create responsible, respectable, reliable drivers and to educate drivers on traffic laws & traffic safety.

Reflects Driving School assist in creating a safe environment on the roadways and highways, driver’s awareness, and rules and regulatory laws of the Highway Transportation System.


DeAundra Thomas

Lead Manager

DeAundra Thomas has a background in education and youth performance. Her individual philosophy is "We must change what we consume if we seek to change what we produce." As an employee of Reflex Driving School, Thomas' is excited to serve the members in our driving community. 

Trevor Williams

Vehicle Maintenance Director

Trevor Williams has an education and mechanics background. His individual philosophy is "If you get all the right tools you need, your job will be done a lot easier." As an employee of Reflex Driving School, Williams is dedicated and glad to be of service to educate the community about the importance of safe driving. 

Janice Thomas

Head of Human Relations

Janice Thomas has background in law with over thirty years experience of professional business services. Thomas' is passionate about education and building future leaders of the next generation. 

Bevon Cammock

Public Relations & Marketing Director

Bevon Cammock migrated to Houston from Jamaica in 2008. Cammock has over nine, 9, years experience in customer services. His philosophy is to help make the future brighter, considering that Houston adopted him, Hammock wants to be of service to the community. 

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and care for the safety of all of our students and staff. Please review our REFLEX COVID-19 Policy to stay up to date of the procedures we are taking to insure everyone's safety. 

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